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Sleep Deprived Moms

If you are looking for a community of sleep deprived moms head over and like this Facebook group: Sleep Deprived Moms.

If you are a sleep deprived mom (or know one!) looking for support and ideas to have more energy, sleep better and feel good, I’d love to see you in our recently formed group.



Falling Asleep Meditating?

I got up early again this morning to try & recapture what I did yesterday. It didn’t work. I started to fall asleep while I was meditating! This is not the first time and it definitely won’t be the last. This is just one of those things that meditators can struggle with and it’s ok. I often listen to a guided meditation where I can lie down on the floor and close my eyes. And if I fall asleep? It’s what my body needed. If you are struggling to stay awake during meditation, why not try my free guided meditation? It’s just under 10 minutes and all you have to do is lie down and close your eyes! https://nikkiveliz.leadpages.co/energyhit/

Fatigue study – yup, I’m a participant. Surprise surprise!

I just completed my online survey as part of a fatigue study I’m participating in. Yes, when doctors think you’ve had a stroke and it’s actually sleep deprivation I’m surprised more people aren’t researching sleep deprived parents! But as part of my survival kit for chronic sleep deprivation, I know I need regular guided meditation where I can lie down – hello yoga nidra! And how awesome it is that I can write me own after being trained by Jennifer Reis from Kripalu – yay! So if you need a FREE ENERGY HIT in less than 10 minutes (and you get to lie down!) check out my guided meditation https://nikkiveliz.leadpages.co/energyhit/