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What Will You Do To FEEL The Way YOU Want


I love writing lists.

So New Year’s Eve is usually an excuse for me to write another list!

But this year is different. Starting with the fact that I could drink a glass of champagne last night! Woo hoo! It was almost like we were celebrating the end of my breastfeeding journey with my 28 month old girl rather than NYE. That’s a whole other story for another time…

So instead of writing a list of goals yesterday, I sent my hubby with my toddler to buy the champagne (she got her own special ‘bubble water’) and I got out my brand new “Desire Map Planner” by Danielle Laporte.

I cranked up “Brave” by Sara Bareilles and started listing how I wanted to FEEL this year. And what I needed to do to feel this way. It feels so good to approach my life this way! Thank you Danielle 😉

Because no matter what your goals or intentions are for 2016, the reality is, we are chasing a feeling that we associate with our goals/achievements/bucket lists.

One of my core feelings is VIBRANT. And for today I had written down that I wanted to go for a walk and play outside with my husband and toddler to FEEL vibrant. It’s in the baby steps. The micro changes. That bigger things happen.

Let me know how you want to feel this year! And what you are going to do to feel this way.



Happiness Is Carbonated Consciousness – Danielle Laporte


I know Danielle Laporte has titled this post “Unfetter your happiness (you know you want to)” but OMG I love her statement that Happiness Is Carbonated Consciousness. I keep going back to this post as a reminder because I don’t know if it is environmental or inherent or because I’m an Aussie but I regularly down play how things are! So toot toot to unfettering your happiness!