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Have You Been To A Wellness Studio?

After reading “10 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2016” by MindBodyGreen I would love love love to go to a Wellness Studio.

Have you been to one? If so, let me know what you thought and leave a comment.

I am so intrigued. The idea sounds great to me! I wonder if they cater for people with kids…hmmm.

I think my hubby is more preoccupied with the Nitro Coffee idea. Though he is addicted to the Bulletproof Coffee that’s given a mention in the article. Not caffeine addicted but because he can have his bulletproof coffee and then ride for 100km without needing any other fuel!



Dear Tired Mama

Leave the dishes for later. No one cares about how clean your floorboards are. And so what if your toddler wants to wear the same outfit 5 days in a row? Give yourself a break. Sometimes that coffee just doesn’t cut it. And meeting up with a friend with kids for ‘mutual support’ is sometimes harder than expected. Leave it. When you get a chance (if your bub no longer naps, 10 minutes of tv today isn’t going to kill them), lie down for 10 minutes and just close your eyes. I offer you this free guided meditation straight to your inbox. I just did this now and yes the house still looks feral but now I feel like I can get through the afternoon with a little more spark.