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Rest, Relax & Rejuvenate with “Pause & Reset”

I’m going to keep it simple because it’s coming to the end of the working week and well, we’re all a bit tired. So do something for yourself today. If you can’t think of something or you are short on cash, try my FREE guided meditation. All you have to do is lie down for 10 minutes. NICE. https://nikkiveliz.leadpages.co/energyhit/


Get Grounded!

I feel amazing & I haven’t even gotten around to meditating today! I went down to the bay and took off my shoes for the hour or so that we were there. That’s it! Even if you only have 30 seconds, take off your shoes and touch the earth. Sand and saltwater is lovely. The grass at a park is great too – even better if it’s a bit wet! Otherwise find a bit of grass next to the bus stop or near your drive way and take off your shoes. Get grounded. If you have just 10 minutes in your day, try my FREE guided meditation to feel energised and relaxed (and you get to lie down if you want to!) http://bit.ly/1Shy5p8

If you haven’t heard of ‘earthing’ you can read more here http://bit.ly/1L5qQdS

Dear Tired Mama

Leave the dishes for later. No one cares about how clean your floorboards are. And so what if your toddler wants to wear the same outfit 5 days in a row? Give yourself a break. Sometimes that coffee just doesn’t cut it. And meeting up with a friend with kids for ‘mutual support’ is sometimes harder than expected. Leave it. When you get a chance (if your bub no longer naps, 10 minutes of tv today isn’t going to kill them), lie down for 10 minutes and just close your eyes. I offer you this free guided meditation straight to your inbox. I just did this now and yes the house still looks feral but now I feel like I can get through the afternoon with a little more spark.

Athletes and meditation – get the edge!

My husband is an athlete. He has represented his country in triathlon and is now training to compete in an Ironman. With a busy schedule of work, family and training, he needs any ‘edge’ he can get. He also knows that sleep is a critical part of training and yet that seems to be really hard to do sometimes! So he does what I do when I need a big dose of energy, he lies down and listens to a guided visualisation. If you need an energy boost or are looking for an ‘edge’ in your training, get your FREE energy hit straight to your inbox.

Do you wake up tired? And not just because you stayed up watching a late movie tired ;)

Find yourself thinking and talking about how tired you are? I was diagnosed with chronic sleep deprivation so I know how you feel! If you want to feel more rested, more energised, get your free caffeine free energy hit straight to your inbox!

Can you have more time when there is 24 hrs in a day? Yes!

I’m counting down. May is almost here and with it comes a beautiful 10 minute global meditation challenge for the month! I know at times it will feel like another thing on my ‘to do’ list but I also know that when I sit for 10 minutes each day I feel as if I’ve created more time…More time?! I feel more energised for looking after my toddler, I see things more clearly with my business so I don’t waste time procrastinating, the extra ‘space’ I feel allows me to see and focus on what’s most important and what to say no to. Essentially I am left feeling I have more time throughout the day rather than getting to the end of the day and thinking, if only I had more time! Join me this May