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Looking After Yourself

It sounds selfish right? It’s not. If you don’t look after yourself (whatever that means to you) then you don’t have much ‘to give’. You inherently know this. You feel this. And I know there are a lot of reasons as to why you don’t prioritise yourself. I have been there (burnout first time round) and I have been there again (you need an MRI because we think you’ve had a stroke) plus all the other ‘niggles’ that are a drain on you and others around you (soooo tired, no energy, not fun to be around, my back hurts).

Last night I wrote my ‘to do list’ for today a different way:

  • 5 minute cardio workout (yes, 5mins!) while my toddler eats brekky
  • Montessori Toddler/Parent group 0930-1130
  • 10 minute meditation while my toddler naps
  • Plan-free afternoon except pick up some milk
  • 10 minute home pilates after my toddler goes to bed

What are you going to do today that is JUST for you? Something that makes you FEEL GOOD? Please leave your 1 ‘just for me’ thing in the comments section. Would love to have more ideas!


Sleep Tips & Meditation To Feel Energised

I have just finished a meditation challenge and what a week to do it in. Bah! My toddler has had a crazy week (not just on the full moon!) and doing this meditation challenge has helped me to:

  • feel more energised (what every sleep deprived mom needs right?)
  • release physical tension (I lie down to meditate)
  • release emotional cr*p from relentless toddler meltdowns
  • feel more refreshed (even when my to do goes round and round in my head while meditating)
  • in all honesty, it was just what I needed to cope this week (I just didn’t know it!)

I have created 10 daily sleep tips including a 10 minute meditation to help sleep deprived moms feel more energised. Get better sleep and get an energy hit here!

How To Relax When You’re Sleep Deprived

meditation.jpgThis is where you would’ve found me if you’d have knocked on my door 10 minutes ago. Lying down, eye pillow & blanket on, surrounded by mess. This is how I have learned to relax as I slowly creep out of my chronically sleep deprived state. Usually I would tidy everything up, put on some suitable clothing, create a ‘meditation space’, have a cup of tea, settle in, meditate, journal. You get the picture – lovely and all but time consuming and tiring!

I have learned the hard and scary way (see previous post here) that I need to just stop and drop 🙂 I don’t use baby/toddler nap time to do the dishes, laundry, houseclean or cook anymore. Uh uh. No thanks. It’s not worth it.

As soon as my toddler was in her bed this is where I laid down. There’s nothing better than getting to lie down and meditate, especially if you’re sleep deprived. Here’s a sample of what I was listening to!