The Most Inspirational Yoga Transformation Videos Of 2015

What a great post! Some really inspiring and motivating yoga videos (and not the ones you think i.e. not the super bendy, flexy, toned people!)…

Yoga is changing the world — one dedicated yogi at a time. These videos prove that if you believe you can change … change will come. Through determination and hard work you can transform, not only your body through yoga, but also your mind-state, emotional well-being and entire life.

Here are the most inspirational yoga transformation videos of 2015. Warning: These videos may make you cry (and definitely smile). In short, they are worth a watch. Ah, the wonders of yoga and it’s many wellness benefits. If you haven’t started a yoga practice, yet … these will get you motivated (big time!).

Man Loses Over 300lbs From Yoga And Hard Work

I mean, 300lbs!? His whole transformation started with a blog post and promise. The end will really get you in the feelers.

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!

“Never, Ever Give Up,” is Arthur’s message to the world. Arthur’s story…

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