Meditation & Yoga For REAL People


As nice as it would be to have a studio you could go to to practice yoga or meditation anytime you wanted to, the reality for most of us is that this isn’t possible. But that shouldn’t be a barrier. This was my yoga & meditation ‘space’ for a month while we were staying with family in Peru. And you know what? It didn’t change how I felt during and after my practice. Because it’s not about the external stuff. It really isn’t. Just like yoga isn’t about touching your toes and being the most flexible person in the room. Meditation isn’t about sitting cross-legged in a remote cave for hours and hours. I often meditate lying down listening to a recording. So why not lie down on the messy lounge-room floor and start by listening to this beautiful free recording. I’d love to hear where and how you meditate or practice yoga! Leave a comment below and we can talk about all the weird and wonderful places you can practice.


2 thoughts on “Meditation & Yoga For REAL People

    1. Nikki Veliz Post author

      Oh I love it – thank you for sharing! I’m a water lover too so I totally agree that being next to water, especially to meditate or practice yoga, is insanely good!



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