Is your yoga gear eco-friendly?

Yoga & Joyful Living

Yogis tend to be environmentally conscious people. We recycle, mend, and reuse. I’m pretty much like that, but sometimes the girl in me simply craves a new piece for my wardrobe. I’ve always been telling myself that it’s okay to shop as long as I buy things that last long and don’t just go to landfill after a year of constant use.

But now there’s an even better solution: Yoga and fitness gear made of recycled plastic bottles or even recycled polyamide fabric. Really, it’s genius. Why waste all those bottles, and why wait 30-40 years for polyamide to degrade on a landfill if you can recycle it?

DSCF2850 Wellicious’ bra and leggings – made of discarded products!

There are quite a few brands that offer an eco-conscious way of taming the shopping-tiger in you:

Gaiam generally produces in a sustainable fashion, using organic materials; Hugger Mugger sells a yoga blanket…

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