When you want to scream!

Oh how I wanted to scream back at my 2yo having an epic meltdown in our bedroom this morning. Cause of epic meltdown? She couldn’t decide what to wear. It took over half an hour to get dressed for her music class (I say class but really it’s lots of running around, pretending to be trains, a jam session and sneaking into each others bags to find food).

I picked her off our wooden floorboards half naked and held her. Even though I wanted to scream, I let out 3 loud long OMs instead (stuff the neighbours!). She went quiet and hugged me back. Wow. I’ve tried the screaming back – who hasn’t in that crazy moment? – and it DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. And it definitely doesn’t result in a ‘huggie’ from my daughter. I’m so thankful I found yoga even though for a LONG time I did not do ‘that omming thing’. I thought it was too woo-woo. I also thought meditation was too woo-woo for me! But it is the flow on effects of taking up yoga and I love it. If you have 10 minutes, try this non-woowoo guided meditation I have made. It’s free AND you get to lie down. If you don’t have 10 minutes but need a lift or a release of some kind? Try the loud OMs – the louder and longer the better in the crazy moments 😉


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