It’s been 6 years since ‘that day’…but I’m going to start running again!

‘That day’ was The North Face 100km ultra-marathon trail running race that takes place in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park of Australia. I was a DNF (did not finish) at the 54km mark. I don’t know what I was thinking turning up to that event thinking I could run it with a foot injury that was all taped up after extensive physio the month prior but that’s my stubbornness and positivity coming out! Or maybe just my stubbornness 😉 But last night I went for a 30 minute walk. That’s right, a WALK. And I thought, this is so great! Energising! How much more energising would it be to get a 30 minute trail run in?! But this time I’m going to be smart about it. So I am amping up my pilates to get those glutes functioning a lot better and get my core strong. After TNF 100km challenge I had decided to ‘never run again’. It’s been 6 years and a baby, but I’m ready to give it another go. Never say never! For now I will walk for more energy and keep doing my energising guided relaxations like this one here. It is FREE and it is only 10 minutes – check it out.


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