Did NOT Think I’d Be Eating Liver

I was brought up vegetarian. And here I am with liver in my freezer awaiting ‘consumption’. My iron stores are low, way low. It’s funny, my iron stores were higher when I was vegetarian as opposed to the last couple of years of having introduced meat into my diet. So I didn’t think I’d have any problems with my iron levels. But yes, my iron levels have dropped to the lowest they have ever been and I will eat liver. Well, I’ll try. I have a friend who will cook it with all sorts of yummy Indian spices for me! Hurrah! So liver it is to help boost my energy producing iron levels. And in the meantime, I will keep doing my guided meditation for a daily energy boost. Try my FREE guided meditation (only 10 minutes & you get to lie down!) https://nikkiveliz.leadpages.co/energyhit/ Or join me eating liver – we can get a support group going 😉


5 thoughts on “Did NOT Think I’d Be Eating Liver

      1. Turquoise Compass

        I used to be vego and thinking of going back! I get more and more grossed out by animal processing and eating/cooking meat that I am thinking it might not be for me. Being a yogi has something to do with it but more about how I feel about eating meat.


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