Meditation Helps You When Your Child Melts Down

This is virtually unheard of but I got up at 5am today. What better time to practice some gentle yoga (hello spine!) and meditate given I’m already up huh? I’m so glad I did. If I had waited until when my toddler does her mid-day nap to meditate, I would surely have lost it when my toddler had her epic meltdown today (not fitting into a pair of shoes she covets is devastating for her!). But my meditation session this morning (I call it session, let’s say maximum 10 minutes!) had me prepared and gave me ‘space’ to help her cope with her big emotions. We need to ‘be there’ when our children don’t know what to do with their emotions. But hey, I rarely get up that early so I rely heavily on a 10 minute guided relaxation during the day, like the one I have made here and is free to anyone who needs a quick break.


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