Athletes and meditation – get the edge!

My husband is an athlete. He has represented his country in triathlon and is now training to compete in an Ironman. With a busy schedule of work, family and training, he needs any ‘edge’ he can get. He also knows that sleep is a critical part of training and yet that seems to be really hard to do sometimes! So he does what I do when I need a big dose of energy, he lies down and listens to a guided visualisation. If you need an energy boost or are looking for an ‘edge’ in your training, get your FREE energy hit straight to your inbox.


2 thoughts on “Athletes and meditation – get the edge!

  1. Nikki Veliz Post author

    Hi Kris! Thanks for the comment and suggestion. We’ve just looked at it and we’re going to buy the book. It looks good and is exactly where we are both at in our lives and it will no doubt help Michael’s training. Thank you!



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